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Adjust Servings:
5 leafs Kale Always thoroughly wash Kale prior to juicing
5 medium apples Apple Wash apples prior to juicing, peel in not organic
1 large Mango Always wash and peel your Mango first

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Kale Apple & Mango Sponsored by Veg in a Box

  • Anti Inflammatory

Restore your body's PH balance with this alkalinity boosting juice

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  • Serves 2
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I know they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch but sometimes that’s not the case…..

We start week two of 2017 with a fabulous, healthy juice that was gifted to us by Julie and the guys at Veg in a Box down in Devon in the UK. We need to say a big thank you to Julie and the team and ask that if you are in the Devon area and need fresh produce delivered to your door, go to  –  www.veg-inabox.co.uk and buy all your wonderfully fresh fruit and veg form their website, they even deliver it to your door!

We didn’t ask Julie for this fabulous box of produce it just arrived in the post one morning! So, it’s only fitting that we should make some beautiful recipes to share with you guys.

Kale Apple & Mango

As regular readers of this site will know, we love Kale… We juice the stuff every day when it’s in season! It’s one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, it’s fabulous for restoring your PH balance and it’s just so good for you in so many ways. Check out the top 10 benefits of juicing Kale HERE

Apples are another favorite of ours as they’re cheap, easy to store and use, available year round and give a great juice yield. If you want to find out more about Apples and apple juicing, go check out our little blog post from earlier in the year on this LINK

Mangos have to be one of the tastiest fruits known to man, not only do they taste divine, they’re a nutritional powerhouse with a slew of added health benefits. Recent research shows that some compounds found in Mangos can help to fight certain types of cancer! Eating Mango can also lower Cholesterol, help with skin health, improve eye health, help with PH balance, improve digestion and restore the immune system.

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Prepare your kale

Take out a chopping board and a colander. Carefully cut away 1 cm from the end of the Kale stem with a sharp knife to remove any nastiness that might be on there. Put the Kale in your Colander and rinse it under warm water to remove and unwanted dirt or pesticide residue, get right into the outside of the leafs with your finger tips


Prepare your Apples

Take your apples over to the sink and wash them under running water, once they are washed, if they're not organic you should peel them prior to juicing.

If your apples are not organic then peel them first and then move on to removing the cores before juicing


Prepare your Mango

Some people have trouble dealing with the Mango as it's not a traditional fruit in some parts of the world but they're very easy to process.

Firstly wash your Mango to remove and nastiness or pesticide residue from the skin, always do this first as you don't want to transfer anything from the outside of the mango back onto the flesh with your hands as you are preparing it. Next take out a potato peeler and peel the mango, if the mango is nice and firm this part will be very easy.

Take your mango and place it on a chopping board. Put the mango on it's side and with a sharp knife remove a slice from the shorter, bottom edge of the mango, next turn the mango over so that the piece you just cut is on the chopping board and then cut down each side, just avoiding the stone inside. You can then cut away the flesh from the sides of the stone without the mango sliding all over the place.


Juice and enjoy

Mangos are quite soft so masticating juicers have a hard time juicing them properly, you can negate this by alternating the produce as you juice. First put in a piece of mango, then add some apple then some Kale and keep repeating this process until all your produce has been juiced, this will help to push the produce through the juicer.

Pour and enjoy!

Peter Tate

Natural health fanatic and Identical twin brother to natural arthritis cure pioneer Wade Tate. www.juicing.today is a resource I have started to share what we have learnt from 15 years of juicing Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and anything else I can get my hands on. Juicing has had such a positive impact on my family that I would like to share this information with you guys. Feel free to come and say hello and contribute to the discussion in our new facebook group. Juicing For Optimal Health https://www.facebook.com/groups/1609093502733694/ or come say Hi on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/juicing.today/?hl=en

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