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Carrot Lemon & Kale a Health Classic

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Adjust Servings:
10 Carrot Organic Carrots need to be washed, non organic need to be peeled too.
6 leaves Kale Wash the Kale in warn water and shake off excess water prior to juicing
2 Lemons Lemon organic can be washed and the peel left on, non organic need to be peeled

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Carrot Lemon & Kale a Health Classic

  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Detox
  • Weight loss

Make an investment in your future health

  • 10
  • Serves 2
  • Easy




This ones a classic! Juicers the world over have sworn by this recipe for decades, why?  Well, it’s super healthy, packs a huge nutritional punch and it tastes great too. Make this part of your juicing regimen and you know you are making an investment in your future health.  Carrot Lemon & Kale a Health Classic!


Carrots are one of the ever present ingredients in any juicers kitchen. They taste great, they’re ultra healthy and they’re great value too, it’s no wonder they are so popular with juicers.

These tasty root vegetables have some great health benefits such as, helping to promote eye health, they give skin a healthy glow and it’s claimed they can even help to fight Cancer!!!


Another favourite amongst the juicing fraternity. These beautiful little fruits are so flavoursome and healthy, you would have to be crazy not to juice them. They’re low GI, packed with vitamin C and oh, did I mention the taste?


One of those foods that is a real delight, when you can get your hands on it!!! It’s only usually available in the colder months in the UK so we really go to town when we start to see it at our local suppliers. Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and its’ low in calories so it wont hurt your waistline. Kale can lower Cholesterol and reduce heart disease, it’s also packed with cancer fighting substances. It’s one of the healthiest foods out there and if you’re not already juicing it, maybe you should consider giving it a go.

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Clean your Carrots

Wash your carrots well prior to juicing to remove anything that shouldn't be on them. If you can't get organic carrots, wash them and peel them to be sure you aren't taking in any pesticides. When you're done, remove the tops and tails.


Wash your Kale

Under warm water, give the Kale a good wash.

Remember, the Kale has been outside in all weathers and may have been treated to deter bugs destroying the crop. Wash it thoroughly and always check underneath the leaves for white fly. You can easily remove and nastiness with a toothbrush or, I like to use the brush that comes with the Angel juicer as it's just the right shape to get inside the leaves.

Leave to drain and then shake off the excess water prior to juicing.


Prepare your Lemons

Again, there are two different methods of preparing your Lemons whether they be organic or not.

Organic lemons just require a good wash, after that you can slice them into pieces and juice them with the skin on.

Non organic you can just cut away the peel as shown in the pic and juice them without the skin


Juice and enjoy

this ones really easy, just throw the produce into the juicer and wait for the lovely juice to flow out of the other end! This recipe made around 650ml of juice in our Angel juicer so plenty for you to share with a friend or you could save some to enjoy later!

Peter Tate

Natural health fanatic and Identical twin brother to natural arthritis cure pioneer Wade Tate. www.juicing.today is a resource I have started to share what we have learnt from 15 years of juicing Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and anything else I can get my hands on. Juicing has had such a positive impact on my family that I would like to share this information with you guys. Feel free to come and say hello and contribute to the discussion in our new facebook group. Juicing For Optimal Health https://www.facebook.com/groups/1609093502733694/ or come say Hi on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/juicing.today/?hl=en

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